Recommended Level 3 Open Boat Guides Ardeche / Tarn / Allier

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andy lynn
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Recommended Level 3 Open Boat Guides Ardeche / Tarn / Allier

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Hi All,

I am desperately seeking an english speaking Level 3 open boat (or equivalent) instructor for an 8 day expedition in the Ardeche region.

I am hoping to paddle various sections of the Ardeche, Tarn and Allier. mainly grades 1-3 with a group of approximately 6-8 adults.

Paddling starts on the 26th May and finishes on 2nd June. We are bringing all equipment, so just need a guide!

Are there any british guides in the area who are available for hire and come recommended?

Secondly, are there any english speaking french guides (Must have 'Moneteur B.E' qual!?) that you would recommend?

Thirdly, Could you provide some sort of rough idea of how much i would expect to pay per day?

My french is useless and i am struggling to wade through all the results provided by google, so i would be grateful for any guidance you could provide.

Time is short and i would appreciate any help you could provide.


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level 3 open boater

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You should check out a company called Paddle2climb. There very good and know the Ardech like the back of their hands!!

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ive worked out in the ardeche area for 8 years . I know the ardeche , allier , tarn area intimately, im level 3 5* open canoe qualified, im available or I can put you in touch with a few people wlready out in the deche who are very experienced

you can contact me through here or via

cheers john

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