OC1 help

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OC1 help

Post by ml1850 »

Hi all, I've just got my first oc1 (drop zone) and would like to ask some pretty basic questions:
I'm kind of hovering on the top of the saddle but struggling to get lower on my old knees, is it better to add some foam till I can sit or is the raised centre of gravity an issue?
Am I supposed to be clenching the saddle with my thighs or using the hip foam pads to keep contact with the boat?
How tight to people like to be at the waist/hip pads?
Sorry if these questions have been asked before.
Thanks for any help!!

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Re: OC1 help

Post by Jim »

Add foam to the top of the seat until you are comfortable, the Dropzone is in super stable so this should not cause you stability problems at all. I would give a different answer if you were talking about a Zoom or Prelude!
In the longer term you need to a) get out and paddle it a lot and/or b) practise kneeling at home - making a replica saddle to watch TV from is a popular suggestion. I did 2) about twice when I started paddling slalom C1, but I was getting out in the C1 quite frequently and these days I use a 4" seat in the C1 without any knee/ankle trouble, although my OC1 seat is higher for a number of reasons.

Everyone has their own views on hip pads. Personally I never really use them - my Option had them but I never really engaged with them and found they made getting in and out a bit tricky. I never fitted any to my Ocoee and got on fine - in those days I felt shifting my weight from side to side was useful. In both cases the foam slabs in the side of the boat coupled with straps or thigh hooks provided enough control. The Extasy is a slightly different beast, it is so narrow at gunwale level that getting in and out is quite tricky enough without hip pads, and I have plenty of contact with the side slabs and saddle to definitely not feel like I need them, even though I paddle the boat more like a C1 balancing it with my knees rather than a weight shift.
I've never found myself clenching the saddle with my thighs, it is more a case of using the foot pegs and seat back to push my thighs well into the thigh hooks so I kind of grip fore and aft rather than side to side, if that sort of makes sense?

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Re: OC1 help

Post by tia89b »

For myself I use the hip pads for connection... But as Jim says it's very much down to personal preference. .. It takes a while but you'll find that your knees do loosen up over time and allow for a a little more flexibility. ... Or at least that's how it was for me... Again as Jim says I'd add a little foam to the seat as it's easy to lower again if you feel the need.... Lots of paddling and playing a out with the outfitting will settle you in... Most folk like a very specific outfitting that fits them and generally don't fit others.... get out and enjoy the boat...

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