Canoe / Kayak trailers

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Canoe / Kayak trailers

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I'm struggling to find the right canoe trailer second hand as there are vey few around at the moment.

It needs to be in the Scottish Highlands, Central belt, Southern Scotland or North West England (M6 / M5 corridor as far as Worcester / Gloucester).

Minimum four canoes and cage (preferably 6) and also able to take sea kayaks in place of the canoes. A cage or box for paddles and gear would be appreciated, but not essential.

Braked or unbaked would be acceptable as it will not be carrying a huge weight.

Anyone know of one for sale?

Failing that, anyone know of manufacturers in that same geographical region?

I think I've contacted most of them already between Inverness and Shrewsbury.

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Re: Canoe / Kayak trailers

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We had similar issue.

We ended up buying a new brenderup trailer from company in Litchfield. The also advertise on ebay.

It's quite long but all the arms are movable / removable, the axel can be adjusted for balance and it tows really well. There is no boX, but you could add one or mount a roof box.

Colin C
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Re: Canoe / Kayak trailers

Post by Colin C »

This is local to Central Scotland, and they make great trailers, but not cheap. They are Kari-Tek, based in Ayrshire. ... pg&cad=rja

The other option is to work with a blacksmith to build your own its not hard, I helped a friend build one that carried 6 kayaks on a tree shape.


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Re: Canoe / Kayak trailers

Post by Chris Bolton »

There's one here - not sure of location

viewtopic.php?f=11&t=125556&p=792838&hi ... er#p792838

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