Single blades

One blade only
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Single blades

Post by Aidy »

Strange question.

Who makes the most aesthetically pleasing wooden paddles. I want a collection of 5 or 6 different canoe paddles for my new extension on my house that i will mount as art work (maybe take out and use a bit). Always loved the look of beautifully hand crafted blades and far better than hanging pictures on the wall.

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Re: Single blades

Post by badevans »

You could try making your own. Try Graham Warren's book.. Making Canoe Paddles in Wood for good instructions... No doubt there are courses too. That way you'd be even prouder of your artwork and have more options for balancing style versus function to suit.

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Re: Single blades

Post by Baldy-Old-Troll »

Go onto song of the paddle, several of the members sell paddles and would make you whatever you wanted.

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Re: Single blades

Post by tenboats1 »

Bending need a Viper in your collection :)

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Re: Single blades

Post by chris241 »

Moosehead Paddles. ... eShop.html
Stunning blades from a top bloke.

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Re: Single blades

Post by SandfordSailor »

Edenwood paddles - absolutely stunning.

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Re: Single blades

Post by tc1300 »

Make your own super easy and fun! Great feeling using your own paddle on the water

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Re: Single blades

Post by lennart »

Tim of edenwood makes nice classic stuff,

If you like laminated paddles as well :
I think Dirk makes some of the nicest of all I have seen.

or this :

The pics I think do not do them justice enough. I know that on the uk canoe symposium there will be some of his paddles.

He makes most to your specifications.

If you like carbon as well , Bob does some magic in that department.

There are a number of good paddlemakers in the us/canada as well but I do not know them all and some are hard to contact.
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Re: Single blades

Post by Dave B »

I have recently bought myself an Downcreek ( paddle from Ireland. I tried out a few of their paddles at the Song of the Paddle Big meet at Bala in August. Lovely to use and lovely to look at.

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