OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

One blade only
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OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by andymc131179 »

Hi all

More OC1 questions.

What is the best paddle, big question but what thoughts do you all have.

Many thanks


Jay Oram
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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Jay Oram »

I have tried a couple, I would suggest getting out with a group and borrowing some to try. I started with an old plastic Ainsworth, then the big red robson one. I still keep the Ainsworth C100 as a spare, but have got the new river play and river carbon ones from Ainsworth.

They are just as stiff and comfy to paddle as any other I've tried and the big play blade is great for Trad / OC1 river boating.


But everyone has their favourite, I made my own wooden paddle I enjoy using on deep rivers/lakes and my partner loves her wooden paddle for most trips - guess you just need to try some out :-)

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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Jim »

Apparantly it's the Kober (forgot the model name might be S-Power?), but since I was not looking to spend that kind of money and work out the import situation (probably dead easy) I bought an Endless River Phantom which has been doing me well, and an Ainsworth C100 which I made into splits.

Main point to note is that both of my paddles are flat - either side can be the drive face, so they don't deliver optimal power, but I can flip them around (say if I'm J-stroking on the flat between rapids) without worrying which side is which.
It seems that most OC1 paddlers prefer a curved paddle which will generate more power on the drive face, but you need to keep track of which way around it is.

I honestly don't know why I prefer a flat canoe paddle, I have been using curved and assymetric kayak paddles pretty well since I started 25+ years ago and never get them muddled up. It is possibly because I like certain trad strokes (like Indian Stroke) where the paddle gets reversed at the end of every stroke - technically these have no place in OC1 but.....

Mark Steel
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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Mark Steel »

I think you may find it is a Kober Athens, personally I use a ER Phantom or a Bandit.

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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by W5RAY »

Like others on here the Ainsworth C100 is a good, strong paddle to start with, get it with the composite shaft as warmer to hold on to in winter and it shouldn't let you down. Up from this is probably a Werner Nantahala or similar paddle - I have one of these also and it's a very good paddle, much better than the C100 and can be used for OC1 and Canoe WW. The Kober paddles are real nice but I went for a custom made VE paddle - but by then you need to know what you want and size, etc to get the best out of it. The VE is a great paddle but for some reason when the going gets tough I tend to rely on the Nantahala...... wierd!

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Adrian Cooper
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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Adrian Cooper »

I see Werner are now offering a Luna, similar to the Nantahala but different materials and a little cheaper

Kevin Cooper
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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Kevin Cooper »

Isn't the Luna much the same as the Rec was, which appears to have gone from the line-up?

I still use the Rec and have found it a good middle range paddle.

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Re: OC1 Paddle Whats The Best

Post by Sickboy »

The VE c1 paddle is really nice, I know when I bought it that it turned out about the same price as the Bandit which always struck me a pretty expensive for what it was (although the carbon one looks almost as nice as the VE).
I can only think of two possible downside to the VE and that's the sharp corners at the tip,I like mine, but I know a few people who have ordered them with rounded off corners, the joys of custom built paddles.
Also the shaft is a nightmare to adjust/replace due to the taper and the most evil glue holding it all together, no wonder the cost of sending them back and having a new one put on is so high.
But in every other way I'm sure they are the best OC1 paddle available over here.
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