Suspicious ebay "canoe"?

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Suspicious ebay "canoe"?

Post by swimboater »

Suspicious ebay "canoe"? ... 4d0d7a4009
Anyone lost one like it?
Of course it could be genuine, but it doesn't sound like the seller knows anything about this boat.
Photos aren't that good, but there is some d-rings and lacing for airbags that might look familiar to someone?

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Re: Suspicious ebay "canoe"?

Post by hbcanoekayak »

I agree, very suspicious - and it seems like a massively wrong description. Has to be a Venture canoe (maybe mobile adventure, which it seems is in the description about the yoke padding) The bolts have the plastic surrounds used by Pyranha/Venture. If this is the case i also highly doubt it is Royalex and certainly not Old Town - nothing on that canoe says Old Town Penobscot or Appalation to me. All the plates being missing is another alarm clearly. The thing is - id have no idea how to go about dealing with it - maybe someone local to the area should go and view??? This all being said, her e bay account looks straight, as Simboater said it may well be genuine i suppose not everyone knows about these things and if they got it cheap off the internet it is easy not to have found anything about it out.

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Re: Suspicious ebay "canoe"?

Post by Mal Grey »

Whether its suspicious or not is hard to tell, but agreed the description is at best misleading. The end plates, gunwhales, seats and "pointyness" of bow/stern all say Venture/Mobile Adventure to me. Its possible its old enough to date from when Venture/MA used RX, but seems unlikely. Hopefully its simply that her "friend" who advised her is clueless, rather than deliberately telling fibs.

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Re: Suspicious ebay "canoe"?

Post by TimL@Pyranha »

Its a bit of a hybrid really. Certainly it looks like Venture Gunwales fixings and end decks but it not Venture Hangers - maybe Wennonah. Although the lash kit is simlilar to the way we do ours but we dont use the D rings. It is a bit suspicious that there are no photos of the outside of the boat. hmmm

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