Inflatable bottom tube bursts inside

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Inflatable bottom tube bursts inside

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I have a lovely inflatable canoe, it has 5 main parts you inflate, including the base, which is all in one, but looks like 5 tubes.. Last time I used it I must have put too much pressure in it or something and one of the bottom tubes burst. There is no puncture, all the air stays inside, it's just that the internal structure of the 5 tubes has now broken and there are 4 tubes, and one big one. It makes a bit of a ridge on the canoe floor and I think it makes it harder to paddle straight.

Whilst the canoe works, it is not ideal. Does anyone know if you can fix the internal structure of the bottom base of a blow up canoe???

I hope that made sense, and thank you!

This is the canoe I have, and you see the tubes on the second picture on the base of the canoe. It's one of those tubes that the internal structure/lining has broken so one of the tubes is a double tube - ... 0-22422197

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