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Hi looking to purchase a drysuit anyone got one for sale or point in the right direction for new one, 6ft tall 13st 34 inch inside leg cheers mike

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Re: drysuit

Post by mantamx »

how much are you looking to spend? i have a http://www.gul.com/drysuits/gul-shadow- ... ksi-s.html (but previous version, with GCX3 fabric - which i dont think is any different). Used for 6 months (ca 20 days on the water). Great condition. Will take £100.

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Re: drysuit

Post by Darling3071 »


i would be interested in this suit. Can you confirm size and condition. Also where are you in the country?



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Re: drysuit

Post by gameboy »

I have a large peak creek suit for sale. It is less than a year old and hasn't been used much. There is slight wear on the ankles but it is still water tight. I am too small for it at 5'8". I will take £250 + p&p if you are interested.

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Re: drysuit

Post by snuggle_bunny »

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TYPHOON-DRY-S ... _500wt_900

try this chap- e-mail him with your size. i got an ex rnli suit off him for 70 quid but it still had the boots attached. a dive shop will put new heavy duty ankle seals in for about 40 quid. these suits are over 500 quid new

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