Pyrana Burn for sale 35pounds. (Damaged)

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Pyrana Burn for sale 35pounds. (Damaged)

Post by Will.S. » ... 2%26ps%3D6

Out fitting in good condition. I broke it on the East Oakment - 6m drop after a swim through trees.

Was in good nick before the East Oakment - photos on ebay would now suggest otherwise. Has a 4inch split on the front of the hull, which could be repaired. Small hole at the crease of the nose too.

Didn't take on water too quickly on the grade 3/4 paddle out.

Might be worth buying for parts, or repair as a flat water boat. Could be lovingly turned into a friend of the M.O.P monster

Happy bidding

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Re: Pyrana Burn for sale 35pounds. (Damaged)

Post by Ricks-Freestyle-Mind »

If you don't get shut, I;d be interested in it cheap. Would be a killer practical joke. Mate has exactly the same boat, I'm sure his Mrs would let me in the garage to switch them :-)

Let me know.

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Re: Pyrana Burn for sale 35pounds. (Damaged)

Post by jakers- »

its a shame you put it on ebay, if it doesnt sell and rick doesnt claim it, drop me a pm.

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Re: Pyrana Burn for sale 35pounds. (Damaged)

Post by marbles »

Just a reply to that message off Rick, That's so funny, you think your self as a bit of a beadles about, If you get it tell us the reaction you get he he. That's so evil, but hilarious
Marbles x x
Peace, love, paddle!

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