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FS Wavesport Big EZ - £250

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:37 pm
by mattclarke
Hey guys,

Been out of the sport for about a year and having moved away from uni I am now selling off my kayak that has been like a girlfriend to me lol. Handful at times but never meant any harm. Anyway enough of the soppy nostalgia.

She (yeah its a girl) is a Wavesport Big EZ and was bought new from Brighton Canoes. I replaced the back rest with a IR flex capacitor backrest and removed the footpod (hurt my feet and enabled better outfitting. She has been used on all levels of river but isnt abused. She was 425 new (got very good deal) and now is looking for a new guy (or girl!!!in these liberal days) to take her on. She is green and comes with the airbags (never saw the point of selling without airbags). Pictures can be produced on demand and she is currently residing in Liverpool Uni's canoe sheds so you'd need to pick her up from not there but I can arrange for someone to let you in and exchange cash etc.

Im looking for £250 as she is in reasonable condition and would be a good boat to learn in. I wont lie and say she is a beginner boat as the EZ's were designed as river-running playboats but I started in the ACE and moved to the Big EZ. When I bought her I was about 12-12.5 stone and 5 11and think she is a good fit for that sorta size.

Anyway let me know or text me on 07850881291 or even IM me


Re: FS Wavesport Big EZ - £250

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:54 am
by mattclarke
Ok how about i drop the price a little £225. I want a quick sale as im not using the boat and prob not for a while again. Make me a SENSIBLE offer and you may get a wel loved boat