Wavesport T2 Bumpers

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Wavesport T2 Bumpers

Post by TomMoose101 »

Ok, So I'm not 100% sure this is in the correct section, I'm either after buying something or some advice!

I recently purchased a Wavesport T2, which came with the fins, however, I would also like to have the smaller 'bumpers' for it. I contacted Wavesport and they suggested that most people now make their own bumpers. Does anyone know whether anywhere still has these for sale, or anyone has these for sale? Otherwise, does anyone have any advice regarding the making of these?

Any advice is much appreciated!


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Re: Wavesport T2 Bumpers

Post by floriano »

I have seen people making their own bumpers using glassfibre/carbon and resin. If the T2 (don't know this boat) has screws for fixing the straps in the bow/stern, you can drill a hole in your custom-made bumpers and then fix them using these screws. You should additionally glue them with some PU adhesive like Sikaflex.

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