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by Rik
Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:46 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring Kayaks For Sale
Topic: Playboat Fluid Flirt Large SOLD
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Playboat Fluid Flirt Large SOLD

Blue large Fluid Flirt playboat for sale.

Good condition, usual scratches, but nothing deep.

£250 ono.

PM me for more details or others queries.

Sorry, but this boat has now been sold.[/b]
by Rik
Mon Feb 11, 2008 6:45 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring Kayaks For Sale
Topic: Open boat / Canoe wanted!
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Open boat / Canoe wanted!

I'm looking for a second hand open boat, am able to pay £300 to £400.

I live in North Wales, but will travel for the right boat.
by Rik
Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:13 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Rivers I have swum A-Z
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A Alwen
C Crake
D Dart, Dee
E Etive, Eden
G Glaslyn
L Llugwy, Leven
N Nene
R Rothay
T Tees (my nemesis), Trent, Trwyryn
V Vyrnwy
W Walkham

Have I missed any Randy?

by Rik
Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:37 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: hardest drop/ section in uk
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High Force

Randy wrote:
Was that before or after that 50 metre jump Rik? ;-)

I clearly remember doing it; after we did Hury spillway!

by Rik
Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:14 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: hardest drop/ section in uk
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Hardest Drop!

Probably the hardest thing I have run is High Force in Teesdale.

by Rik
Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:17 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Palm Sidewinder Combi Bib - Have you used? What say you?
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Palm Sidewinder Combi Bib

All I have to say is:

Los testiculos de los perros.

by Rik
Fri Jan 26, 2007 1:22 pm
Forum: Everywhere else
Topic: Lower Tavy Tree Hazard?
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Lower Tavy Tree Hazard?

In December there was a tree across the river, 300 ft downstream from the get on in Tavistock. Can anyone tell me if it is still there, or has it been removed?

by Rik
Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:26 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring Kayaks For Sale
Topic: H3 255 For Sale
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H3 255

I have PM'd you.
by Rik
Tue Jan 09, 2007 4:33 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Wondering why your posts keep vanishing? Read this...
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The use of conjunctives at the start of sentences has always been a point of heated discussion. It is, however, wrong to limit the debate to just the start of sentences, this is both over simplifying and misrepresenting the correct use of conjunctions. Conjunctions come in many types: • ‘And’ (addit...
by Rik
Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:53 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Safety & Rescue for Girls
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Dave did some WWSR stuff on a trip to the Soca in 95.

He broke all the concepts down into simple elements; easy to take in and easy to remember.

As for entertainment value he just never, ever stops!


by Rik
Wed Nov 29, 2006 8:40 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Friday
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On the subjects of wearing safety kit. I would never paddle white water without a helmet by choice. That said; I was up paddling the Tees a few weeks ago and in the pub on Saturday night was heard to state that "I always insist students wear their helmets on the river bank as 98% of all accidents ha...
by Rik
Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:22 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Bridges..
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I can't remember what it is called but I did a 55m jump from a bridge somewhere in the Northern Territories when I was in Oz about 10 years ago. Would I do it again? Unlikely.

by Rik
Mon Nov 13, 2006 8:23 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Have you noticed?
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Smite the evil ganglion!

The traditional method for dealing with gamglions was to get a loved one / person who is willing to hurt you a lot. They would hit the ganglion with a bible very hard, bursting it!

by Rik
Mon Nov 06, 2006 7:03 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Um...
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As a coach I feel it is my duty to point out the dangers of using playboats on such an extreme run.

Surely a wiser choice would have been a big creeker. Personally I would like to see such runs done in T Canyons.

by Rik
Mon Nov 06, 2006 7:53 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Throwline recommendations
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Just got one of the new HF throw lines, best I've ever had.

20m of 10.5mm line (better for holding), good sized bag for packing, and new throwing handle that works a dream.

by Rik
Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:45 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: What kit do you carry?
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Just a quick note about splits.

A useful hint I was given a while ago, was to put splits on top of my airbags in the back of my boat.

If they are on the bottom of your boat they can be weakend or broken when boofing or dropping your boat.

by Rik
Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:54 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: When to loose your boat
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To ditch or not to ditch?

I was once caught in a stopper and eventually bailed after I realised I was never getting out in my boat; I was then held under for about half a minute.

Next time I might think about holding onto my boat!
by Rik
Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:54 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Is there any point in doing old Level 4 now? Please Help
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Old Level 4

Hi Big Ant, Last Saturday Lara Tipper gave a talk at the RDCP about the changes to the BCU coaching scheme. I can't remember all of it but some saliant points: 1. Old level 4 registration is being extended to Dec 06. 2. Any qualification you hold will be valid until 2012, when the BCU hope all coach...
by Rik
Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:02 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: What should I say to the fisherman that challenges me?
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The odd one that spoils it for all.

I feel I need to add to this topic by first elaborating on what happened to Randy yesterday, then adding a personal view. While playing in a stopper Randy did indeed get hooked by "late teens" angler. After an impolite curse from Randy and much shouting from the rest of us, Randy unsnagged himself a...
by Rik
Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:45 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Nose Clips
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Nose Clips

Busy at work Randy?

by Rik
Thu Jun 22, 2006 7:31 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Low Brace Turns - hot or not?
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Low Brace Turns

Are LBT's anachronistic? Yes I believe they are. For experienced paddlers. In the sense of "useful modern WW move" I believe the LBT is now surpassed by a number of modern techniques. It is now outdated, out of its time. Both Simon Westgarth and David McCraw have covered the fact that durring the ac...
by Rik
Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:55 pm
Forum: Sea Kayaking
Topic: Seakayaking Vancouver Island^
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Seakayaking Vancouver Island^

Can anyone help? My girlfriend and I are going to Vancouver in July and would like to go on a seakayaking trip in the area. We have not seakayaked before (we both padddle white water) and would therefore like to go on a guided trip. We have looked on the Internet and frankly there are an awful lot t...
by Rik
Mon Nov 14, 2005 4:11 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: First Aid Kits
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First Aid Kits

Out of interest What do people carry in their first aid kits? I have a reasonably comprehensive kit but have seen others with very little in theirs. It is often claimed that you can double up on items e.g. using electrical tape rather than triangular bandages, but what reassurance does this give a v...
by Rik
Fri Oct 07, 2005 5:38 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: B&B in Bala
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B & B in Bala

I can’t recommend anywhere to stay, but I can recount to you what happened to me last month. It seems some of the “pissed up” locals returned from a trip to Liverpool in the early hours of Sunday and chose to try and nick my kayaks. First they burnt through the straps, and then because the kayaks we...
by Rik
Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:49 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Board or kayak?
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Surely the advantage of kayaking over board-surfing is the journey element you get if paddling on a river. The scenery is undoubtedly beautiful at the coast whether on a board or in a kayak, but it is unchanging. Paddling through a changing environment, on a river trip; allows you to immerse yoursel...
by Rik
Thu Jun 10, 2004 11:33 pm
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: UK paddling mag
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<t>Frankly. No!<br/> <br/> I am yet to see a consistently good, British canoe/kayaking magazine. A lot of the magazines have good photos and reports, and a reasonable balance between articles and adverts, but lack quality editing.<br/> <br/> A case in point is the latest C&K UK. In the article "...
by Rik
Sat Jun 05, 2004 12:05 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Level 2 coach assessment.
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Level 2 coach assessment.

Anyone in the southeast interested in doing a Level 2 coach assessment. We have a coach in our club prepared to run one in the SE London area. If you are interested please contact me at

by Rik
Thu May 06, 2004 12:10 am
Forum: Whitewater and Touring
Topic: Solid Grade 3 paddler
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Grade 3 paddler?

<t>I prefer to think of myself as a three star paddler. I don't mean that I have a Three Star Award, but that I try to paddle rivers that I would give three stars to.<br/> <br/> A three star river needs to be a real experience, and can come at any grade. I've done the Upper Glaslyn and had that kind...