The UKRGB forum like many forums did not permit the uploading of photos to the forum until December 2017, this was for both technical and financial reasons. The technical reasons have been resolved and the financial reasons mitigated. A photo upload facility is now available to all users. 

How do I post Photos to UKRGB
A new tab has been added to the bottom of the full editor, select the tab and drag your photo(s) in to the box or brows to your photos. Once the photo is uploaded the BBCode is automatically added to the editor. Do not edit the text between the [img] tags as this is the important bit. Photo work best if you keep the BBCode on a separate line to other text. Use the preview button to check your post and then submit it, simple!

Photos are automatically resized to a maximum of 800 x 600px before uploading to UKRGB.

How is the photo posting paid for
The photo hosting is paid for in the same way as everything else on UKRGB, lets just say know one makes money from UKRGB.

What is you have a problem uploading photos
Ask for help here, but do tell me what version of which web browser on which operating system you are using. If you are using Windows XP with Internet explorer please upgrade you PC before asking for help.  It is very likely there are bugs in the software so please report them.