As so many people don’t know how to add pictures to their classified add I’ve put a quick FAQ together, hope this helps some of you out.


Step 1:
Register for an account at Photobucket. Photobucket is a free picture hosting site.

Step 2:
Click on Upload - top of the page.

Photobucket Upload

Step 3:
Drag your photo's into the dotted box or hit the "Choose photos and videos" button..

Choose Photo's to upload

Step 4:
Browse your computer for the location of the photo's you want to upload. Select the pictures from your computer hard drive that you want to put into your post (see below).

Select the photo's from your computer to upload

Step 5:
Add your photo's by clicking on the "Open" button after your pictures are selected.

Adding images with the Open button

Step 6:
Copy the IMG CODE tag. The IMG tag is found in the forth field underneath each picture in your Photobucket album.

Copy the IMG TAG

Step 7:
Paste the IMG tag from your clipboard into your post.

Paste the IMG code into your post

To add pictures from a different site/URL on the internet use the following format;

Adding URL format

Step 8:
Now hit the SUBMIT button and that's all there is to it!!