'Sit-on-Top Kayak- an owner's manual' by Derek Haidon


A complete beginners guide to the sit-on-top kayak.
Sit-on-top kayaking is fun and easy to learn. Anyone can do it! Paddlers, newcomers and those curious about the sport will find all the answers to their questions in this book.
Using colour photos and clear descriptions, this book is the perfect introduction to sit-on-top kayaking. Choosing the right kayak, how to store and transport it, how to get the most fun out of your boat and how to stay safe whilst doing so are explored in detail.
Snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving are some of the other activities that benefit from using sit-on-tops and these are also covered.

'British Canoe Union Coaching Handbook' by British Canoe Union


Excellent manual which serves as a tool for coaches. However, it is also recommended to those interested in raising the performance of their own paddling. Covers all disciplines.

'Top Tips for Coaches' by Loel Collins


Nice little book full of pretty much what the title says, based on the accumulated wit and wisdom of the staff at Plas y Brenin outdoor centre.

'Canoe and Kayak Games: 250 Best Paddle Sport Games' by Dave Ruse and Loel Collins


A vademecum of practical ideas for keeping paddling sessions fun and educational. Essential for clubs and coaches.

'Kayak Rolling, The Black Art Demystified' by Loel Collins


A well illustrated and up to date guide, recommended although it doesn't cover a wide range of techniques.

'British Canoe Union Handbook'


The best overall introduction to the sport, with sections on most aspects. The third edition (2002) is excellent, essential reading.


'Top Tips for Boaters: Over 300 Top Tips and Handy Hints for Canoeists and Kayakers' by Loel Collins and Franco Ferrero


Endless little hints and ideas to improve your river paddling.

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'White Water Safety and Rescue' by Franco Ferrero


The 2006 second edition, a big update on the original and a huge improvement in terms of presentation and accessibility. One of the few books that every river paddler should own and read. It dispenses with a lot of the macho-hero-rescue stuff and starts back at the beginning; how people get into accidents, how to prevent and prepare for them. In other words, it emphasises safety before rescue.

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''The Art of Freestyle' by Eric Brymer, Tom Hughes and Loel Collins


The basics of playboating, highly recommended to all whitewater paddlers. Details on how to perform the moves, along with stunning photos. Also includes some interesting stuff on mental/ physical preparation.

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'Sea Kayak Navigation' by Franco Ferrero


At last a book that tells you only what you need to know and cuts out the confusing nonsense! Clear, concise and illustrated throughout with excellent diagrams and drawings. The aim of this book is to provide a concise manual of navigation aimed specifically at sea kayakers. It covers what sea kayakers need to know and are likely to use; no more, no less.

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'Sea Kayak' - A manual for intermediate and advanced sea kayakers. ' by Gordon Brown


This book is a modern guide to sea kayaking by one of the leading exponents of the sport who is also a highly respected coach in this field. Gordon Brown is a BCU Level 5 sea coach based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He shares his knowledge with you in his own succinct humorous style and very visual approach.

In this book Gordon covers topics of kayaking history, physiology, boat and paddle dynamics, seamanship and navigation, safety and rescue, weather forecasting, caves, rockhopping and tidal races, expeditions and overnighting, as well as a wealth of tips and resources for the sea paddler.

This is a visually stunning book printed on 170gsm silk paper filled with top quality photographs.Over seventy photographs and illustrations help to make this an essential modern manual for the sea kayaker.

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The Seamanship Pocketbook


Useful waterproof book which covers bouyage etc. for on-the-water use.

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'Kayak Surfing' by Bill Mattos


Very attractive book, plenty of good ideas. Much more stylish than Hammond's book (above), but less on technique - get both!

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