(North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea)

Regional Editor: Jim Pullen



RIVER AIRE (Aire Wave) - a big fun (but dirty!) playwave at the right level.

RIVER AIRE (Castleford Weir) - an alternative playspot to the Aire wave.

RIVER CALDER (Sowerby Bridge Whitewater Course) - a good training facility.

RIVER DERWENT (Yorkshire Derwent, Howsham Weir) - playspot being maintained by YUCC. (photos)

RIVER OUSE (Linton Weir) - A popular playspot.

RIVER TEES (Tees Barrage International White Water Centre) - the recently upgraded artificial whitewater course. (photos)


RIVER BAIN - England's shortest river?

BOLLIHOPE BURN - Spate trib of the Wear, mostly two, but finishes with a 5.

RIVER CALDER (Hebden Bridge to Sowerby Bridge) - grade 2 with weirs.

RIVER CALDER (Sowerby Bridge Whitewater Course to Brighouse) - more grade 2 with weirs.

RIVER COQUET (Alnwinton to Rothbury) - Bouncy grade 2.

RIVER DEARNE (Darfield to Confluence with the River Don at Conisbrough) - South Yorkshire touring.

RIVER DERWENT (County Durham Derwent) - easy whitewater in the northeast.

RIVER DERWENT (Yorkshire Derwent, Malton to Stamford Bridge)

RIVER DERWENT (Yorkshire Derwent, Kexby to Wheldrake Ings)

RIVER DERWENT(Yorkshire Derwent, Breighton to Barmsby)

RIVER DON - easy whitewater near Sheffield.

RIVER DON (Doncaster Prison to Barnby Dun) - some interesting weirs.

RIVER ESK (Egton to Sleights)

RIVER HOLME (Sands to Magdale) - pleasant paddling with a few weirs.

RIVER HULL (Driffield to Beverley)

RIVER HULL (Rowing Club to Humber confluence) - a chance to relish the centre of Hull.

RIVER NIDD (Goldsborough to Kirk Hammerton) - gentle paddle near Harrogate.

RIVER OUSE (Source to York) - easy touring.

RIVER OUSE (Rawcliffe to Fulford) - touring through the centre of York.

RIVER RYE - Tree dodging on the North Yorkshire Moors.

RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Slaggyford to Haltwhistle) - easy touring.

RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Haydon Bridge to Hexham) - easier than the North Tyne.

RIVER SWALE (Annerside Bridge to Grinton) - mellow touring in beautiful countryside.

RIVER SWALE (Grinton to Richmond) - mellow touring in beautiful countryside.

RIVER SWALE (Richmond to Catterick) - an intro to whitewater with a nice playwave.

RIVER SWALE (Catterick to Ure Confluence) - multi-day touring.

RIVER TEES (Cauldron Snout to High Force) - rarely run bit of the Tees with a long walk-in and must-make get-out!

RIVER TEES (Newbiggin to Middleton-in-Teesdale) - flat stretch joining up the low force and race course sections.

RIVER TEES (Winston to Piercebridge) - a great intro to mellow whitewater.

RIVER TEES (Neasham to Over Dinsdale) - plenty of wildlife.

RIVER TEES (Over Dinsdale to Yarm) - pleasent touring on the lower river.

RIVER TEES (Yarm to the Barrage) - touring the final bit before the barrage.

RIVER URE (West Tanfield to Ouse) - multi-day touring.

WASKERLEY BECK - Fence dodging trib of the Wear with an interesting put on.

RIVER WEAR (Eastgate to Stanhope)

RIVER WEAR (Stanhope to Wolsingham)

RIVER WEAR (Wolsingham to Witton-le-Wear)

RIVER WEAR (Bishop Auckland to Sunderland Bridge)

RIVER WEAR (Sunderland Bridge to Durham)

RIVER WEAR (Durham City to Finchale Priory)

RIVER WEAR (Finchale Priory to Chester-le-Street)

RIVER WHARFE (Hubberholme to Kettlewell)

RIVER WHARFE (Grassington to Barden Bridge) - includes Appletreewick rapid. (photos)

RIVER WHARFE (Bolton to Ilkley)

RIVER WHARFE (Ilkley to Otley)

WHORLTON BECK - blink and you'll miss it; a tiny fun tributary of the Tees. (photos)

WIDDALE BECK - A short, easy trib of the Ure near Hawes. (photos)



RIVER ALLEN (Cupola Bridge to River South Tyne confluence) - a gem of the Northeast. (photos)

ARKLE BECK - spate trib of the Swale.

ASHGILL BECK - a tributary of the upper South Tyne.

RIVER BALDER - tree ditch Tees trib. (photos)

BLACK BROOK - an industrial adventure in West Yorkshire. (photos)

CHIRDON BURN - a short section of waterfalls in the Kielder Forest. (photos)

RIVER COQUET (Blindburn to Alwinton) - Good spate paddle high up in the Cheviot.

COWSIDE BECK - Great spate trib of the Skirfare flowing into Arncliffe. (photos)

DEVILS WATER - the coolest named river in the NE. (photos)

RIVER EAST ALLEN (Sinderdale Ford to Allendale Town) - an adventurous spate trip in Northumberland.

LITTLE EGGLESHOPE BECK - as obscure as ditch paddling gets! (photos)

EGGLESTON BURN - a spate River Tees tributary. (photos)

RIVER ESK (Houlyke to Egton Bridge) - a varied spate stream on the North York Moors.

FLUSHIEMERE BECK - a rarely paddleable waterfall run near the upper Tees. (photos)

RIVER GRETA (Rutherford to the Tees confluence) - if it's rained really hard... (photos)

GREEN FIELD BECK (Source to Beckermond) - spate stream forming the Wharfe.

HARDEN BECK - Spate trib of the Aire including Goit Stock Waterfall.

HEBDEN WATER - West Yorkshire's best WW?

HUDESHOPE BECK - spate beck flowing into the Tees at Middleton-in-Teesdale.

ICKORNSHAW BECK - spate beck near Colne.

KEX BECK - rarely runnable steep tributary of the Wharfe.

KILLHOPE BURN - trib of the Upper Wear, only possible in epic water levels.

LINHOPE BURN - spate exploring in the Cheviot, starting with an 18m fall!

RIVER NORTH TYNE - the home of the Tyne Tours. (photos)

OSMOND CROFT BECK - short Tees 'rockslide' tributary. (photos)

OUGHTERSHAW BECK - one of the sources of the Wharfe.

OUSE BURN - Urban spate boating in central Newcastle.

PEN-Y-GHENT GILL - Great spate trib of the Skirfare.

ROOKHOPE BURN - an unusual tributary of the Wear. (photos)

RIVER SKIRFARE - a 'wire fence slalom' tributary of the Wharfe.

SLEIGHTHOLME BECK - a rarely run trib of the Greta with a dodgy looking gorge.

SPURLSWOOD BECK - a small beck between Teesdale and Weardale. (photos)

RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Tynehead to Garrigill) - spate paddling at the source.

RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Garrigill to Alston) - spate grade 2-3 paddling.

RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Alston to Slaggyford) - a good spate trip.

STONESDALE BECK - small, steep spate trib of the Upper Swale.

RIVER TEES (High Force to Wynch Bridge) - the most spectacular put-in in the UK? (photos)

RIVER TEES (Below Low Force) - a short, but worthwhile addition to the High Force to Low Force stretch.

RIVER TEES (Middleton in Teesdale to Barnard Castle) - including the 'racecourse' section. (photos)

RIVER TEES (Barnard Castle to Whorlton Falls) - including Abbey Rapids. (photos)

RIVER TEES (Whorlton Falls to Winston Bridge) - addition to the classic section above. (photos)

RIVER TILL (Etal Village to Twizel Village) - easy ww trip in Northumbria.

RIVER URE (Aysgarth Falls to Wensley Bridge) - An easy trip with a few harder falls/ portages.

RIVER URE (Hack Falls to West Tanfield) - a good spot for learning WW skills. (photos)

USWAY BURN - Exploratory paddling in the cheviot.

RIVER WASHBURN - the saviour of the north in Summer! (photos)

RIVER WEAR (Wear Head to Eastgate) - good grade 3 fun in spate. (photos)

RIVER WEST ALLEN - a spate tributary of the Allen, near Hexham. (photos)

WEST BECK - a fun spate tributary of the Esk, near Whitby. (photos)

RIVER WHARFE (above Hubberholme) - a scenic spate run. (photos)

RIVER WHARFE (Kettlewell to Grassington) - A popular Yorkshire trip. (photos)

RIVER WHARFE (Barden Bridge to Bolton Bridge) - including the 'Strid' rapid. (photos)

WHITSUNDALE BECK An addition to the Upper Swale in high water.


ELLER BECK - Short, but intense spate beck in the North Yorkshire Moors.

RIVER SWALE (Hoggarth's Bridge to Muker) - a crunchy waterfall paddle. (photos)

SWINDALE BECK - crunchy waterfall beck near Brough. (photos)

RIVER TEES (Cauldron Snout) - it's going to hurt... (photos)

RIVER URE (Aysgarth Falls) - England's biggest Whitewater?

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Community Forum Comments on this Article
Missing Rivers List -- Jim Pullen
2008 Nov 21 07:22:52 PM
Right, here's a quick list of "the missing" compiled from EWW, WWLD, Nick Doll's Guide Book, personal knowledge and a quick glance at OS maps.

If any of these start in Scotland or go into the North West Section, let me know and I'll remove them.

New Rivers

Akenshaw Burn (Kielder Water Trib)
Arkle Beck (Swale Trib) - added Feb 2013 by me.
Bain (Ure Trib) - guide received from Andy Waddington 22/01/09.
Barben Beck (Wharfe Trib)
Barney Beck (Swale Trib)
Bedburn Beck (Wear Trib)
Bishopdale Beck (Ure Trib)
Black Burn (South Tyne trib)
Bollihope Burn (Wear Trib) - see here for inspiration!
Bowmont Water (Till Trib)
Breamish (Till Trib)
Buckden Beck (Wharfe Trib)
College Burn (Till Trib)
Colne (Calder Trib)
Cosh Beck (Skirfare Trib)
Cover (Ure Trib)
Cowside Beck (Skirfare Trib) - guide received from John Wootton 24/11/09.
Cragg Brook (Calder Trib)
Cray Gill (Wharfe Trib) - see YouTube videos here, here and here for inspiration!
Cross Gill (South Tyne Trib)
Deepdale Beck (Tees Trib)
Dove (Rye Trib)
Foxup Beck (Skirfare Trib)
Gayle Beck (Ure trib)
Glen (Till Trib)
Gordale Beck (Aire Trib, contains Janet's Foss) - see this YouTube video for inspiration!
Gunnerside Gill (Swale Trib) - see Johnny's video for inspiration.
Harden Beck (Aire Trib, contains Goitstock Falls) - added 10/11/10, thanks to Tom Hustler.
Harthope Burn (Till Trib)
Harwood Beck (Tees Trib)
Holme (Calder Trib) - added 15/06/14, thanks to Chris Halligan.
Houxty Burn (North Tyne Trib)
How Stean Beck (Nidd Trib)
Hudeshope Beck(Tees Trib) - see here for inspiration! Guide for lower bit added ~17/01/11.
Kielder Burn (Kielder Trib)
Killhope Burn (Wear Trib) - added mid 2012, thanks to Dave Peel.
Little Beck (Esk Trib - contains Falling Foss, a 10m waterfall - is this runnable?!)
Langdon Beck (Tees Trib)
Leven (Tees Trib)
Lewis Burn (Kielder Water Trib)
Lune (Tees Trib from Grassholme Reservoir and above Selset reservoir including Lune Head Beck and Long Grain)
Murk Esk (Yorksire Esk Trib, fed by West Beck & Eller Beck
Maize Beck (Tees Trib)
Nent (South Tyne Trib)
Park Burn (South Tyne Trib)
Rede (North Tyne Trib)
Rye - added Dec 2012, thanks to Richard Ollerenshaw and Tom Jarvis.
Scalby Beck
Seven (Rye Trib)
Skerne (Tees Trib)
Sleightholme Beck (Greta Trib) - Guide uploaded 23/01/09 (received from Andy Waddington)
Stonesdale Beck (Swale Trib) - added Feb 2013, thanks to Dave Peel.
Tarret Burn (North Tyne Trib)
Tarset Burn (North Tyne Trib)
Usway Burn (Coquet Trib) - added Apr 2013, thanks to Stu Ridley, Bob Evans and James Connor.
Walden Beck (Ure Trib) - contains West Burton falls which have been run.
Warksburn (North Tyne Trib)
Waskerley Beck (Wear Trib) - added late 2012, thanks to Bob Evans.
Widdale Beck (Ure Trib) - Guide uploaded 01/12/08 (received from Andy Waddington)

New Sections

Aire (all of it apart from the playspots)
Calder (all of it apart from Sowerby Bridge to Brighouse) - Hebden Bridge to Sowerby Bridge added Jan 2013, thanks to Andy Pagett.
Coquet (above Alnwinton, below Rothbury)
Derwent (Yorkshire, above Malton)
Ouse (South of York) (Section through York added 08/12/08, thanks to Matt Haydock)
Tees (Cauldron Snout to High Force, (Winston Bridge to Piercebridge uploaded 18/05/09), Piercebridge to Neasham, Over Dinsdale to Yarm and Yarm to the Barrage added April 2013, thanks to Alan Lilley.)
Tyne (After Confluence of North+South)
Wear (Witton-le-Wear to Bishop Auckland)
Wharfe (Below Otley)


Aire Wave - uploaded 01/12/08, info compiled from LUUCC
Catterick playspot (Swale) - added as part of the new Richmond to Catterick guide, uploaded 9/5/09, thanks to Wilf.

So if you've run any of these, please get guide writing!
new pics -- Jim Pullen
2008 Dec 05 02:55:04 PM
Some photos from Paul Jones (Leeds CC) of the Wharfe uploaded today:

Conistone Falls
Weir 2.5 metres
Linton Falls
Re: Latest Updates and list of "missing" guides -- Jim Pullen
2009 Jan 04 06:48:06 PM
New Wear guides from Andy Waddington for Eastgate to Stanhope and Wolsingham to Witton-le-Wear went up today.

I've also added some new pics of the Aire Wave from Nick Ball.
Re: Latest Updates and list of "missing" guides -- RichA
2009 Jan 12 06:17:52 PM
The 3 links in your last post don't work, in case you hadn't noticed yet.

Conistone Falls
Weir 2.5 metres
Linton Falls

Feel free to delete this once you've seen it :-)
Re: Latest Updates and list of "missing" guides -- Jim Pullen
2009 Jan 13 09:53:01 AM
Thanks - now fixed. Most broken links will be caused by a missing "neengland/" in the url after Mark did his site tidy-up. Please let me know if you spot any more!

So, anyone run any of the above list?! PM about a guide if you have. Doesn't have to be a massive essay, but would be nice to have something up about all paddleable NE rivers!
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